Sailing Silver Girl

The adventures of the sailing yacht Silver Girl, and all who sail aboard her.

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Welcome to the new Sailing Silver Girl blog!

Who are we?

We (Will, the author of this blog, his family and friends) are the owners of Silver Girl, a 43ft/13m Oyster 435 sailing yacht made in 1990. We bought her in October 2021 in Falmouth, UK and keep her in North Wales, UK. You can read more about Silver Girl on the about page.

We are relatively new sailors having only started sailing yachts in 2017 and very infrequently even then. Silver Girl is our first boat (I will write about why we chose Silver Girl as our first boat in a later post).

What do we hope to acheive with this blog?

Because we’re relatively inexperienced sailors there’s going to be a lot of experience and skill we need to gain to become safe and confident on the water and I’m hoping to document some of the journey on that path here. Our long-term goal is to sail across the Atlantic in a few years time (2025/6 perhaps), and from here the path looks difficult and long. Hopefully in a few years we will be able to look back to see how far we have come, and to see the obstacles we overcame together to get there.

This blog isn’t just going to be about learning though, I’m hoping to document the journeys we take, the places we go, and our experiences there. This will be in part so I can point family and friends at a single place to learn about what we’re doing, but also so that I can remember everything we’ve done over the coming years as my memory is terrible. Should there be any itinerant visitor to this site then it would be great if they can find something useful, entertaining or interesting here too.

Thanks for checking out us out!